Our Firm

Dynamic Database Design was established in 1990 to provide database consultation services to large organizations running Oracle™. Two decades later, we have evolved into a multi-discipline service provider who continues to focus on the latest information technologies. We provide IT services (staffing and consulting) ranging from database design and administration to design and deployment of web-based Java Enterprise Applications. Our reach has extended beyond consultation to include delivering contract or permanent placement employees to meet your staffing needs.

Employing Leading-Edge Technologies

As the demand for web-based interaction between the client and database continued to grow over time, we recognize the need to deliver products and services that reflect this new standard. Our extensive Oracle™ relational database background has provided the foundation upon which to build robust, secure, and reliable next-generation applications that our clients demand.

Powered by People

By focusing on proven technologies, we have positioned ourselves to lead in a very competitive marketplace. Moreover, the underlying formula for our success has been less about technology and more about our people. We employ some of the most talented IT professionals in the business by fostering a culture of collaboration, productivity, and accountability.